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Industrial application Corrosion resistance and high strength for industrial use

Residential district Widely used in residential buildings

Commercial application High stability for commercial applications

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Road to innovation


Road to innovation

HONGDA FAN carries commercial and residential fans, ventilators, blowers, and other air handling equipment from over 50 leading manufacturers. With so many choices, you are sure to find the perfect solution to your ventilation needs.

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Road to innovation

  • 2016-1-22
    Easy to understand, take you to understand the high pressure fan!

    Under the design conditions, fans with a wind pressure of 30kPa-200KPa or a compression ratio e = 1.3-3 belong to the category of high-pressure fans. At present, air ring vacuum pumps are generally classified as high-pressure fans in the industry.

  • 2016-1-22
    Takes you off the installation requirements for dust fans!

    The dust removal fan mainly uses the inlet pipe, exhaust pipe, valve and other adjustment devices for connection and installation work.

  • 2016-1-22
    What are the common mistakes of high temperature fans?

    Although the high-temperature fan has unique performance, it is used instead. The set gap outside the high-temperature fan bearing is aligned, a running ring situation occurs, and the fan vibrates through. There are often misunderstandings when dealing with these two issues. Today, let the editor of Zibo Yingfeng Fan show you where high-temperature fans are prone to machine errors!

  • 2016-1-22
    What to do if there is abnormal noise soon after using the high pressure fan

    What should I do if there is abnormal noise soon after using the high pressure fan? I believe that friends will also encounter such a thing. Today Zibo Yinfeng Fan Co., Ltd. will talk with you about why the high-pressure fan has abnormal noise.



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